EyePet Move for PS3 is Like GigaPets for 2010

We recently got a hands-on with the upcoming EyePet Move game for the PS3. Although the game is really aimed at kids and families, the game is so unique that it is sure to appeal to all types of gamers. The concept of a virtual pet has been done and redone over the years in video games, but EyePet Move takes the virtual pet concept and integrates with the latest cool video game technologies – such as 3D gaming and the power of augmented reality by utilizing the PlayStation Eye Camera.

With EyePet Move you don’t just get to create and take care of a virtual pet, you really get to interact with it. Through the use of the PlayStationEye camera, the EyePet actually looks like he is there in the room with you. He responds to your tickles, if you poke him, he’ll jump, roll a ball at him and he’ll chase after it – between the 3D gaming and the interactions with him being so realistic, once you walk away from the game, you’ll wonder where your pet went.

Heck, you can even teach your EyePet how to draw! For example, you can draw a plane on the screen, and your EyePet will then draw the plane himself. Once his own drawing is complete, the plane comes to life and the EyePet can jump on it and take a flight all the way to the sky and even into space, where a minigame awaits him. It’s moments like these in EyePet that pretty much take your breath away.

EyePet Move is set to be released on September 1st and is available for preorder at Amazon for $36.99.

•    EyePet Reacts to Your Every Move and Command – Place an object in front of the PlayStation Eye camera and EyePet will interact with it. Tickle EyePet by waving your fingers in front of the PlayStation Eye camera and he will laugh.  Poke him, and he will jump.  Roll a ball and EyePet will chase after it.
•    Customize Your EyePet – With over 250 unique collectibles you can customize your pet’s look by styling his fur, changing his clothes and giving him new toys.
•    Graphics and Animation That Only the PS3 system Can Deliver – EyePet features advanced fur technology and facial expressions.  Watch EyePet change as he evolves over time.
•    Create and Share With Friends – Draw new toys and watch EyePet interact with them as they spring to life on-screen.
•    Online Pets – Players can create videos of their EyePet and post online, share drawn creations with others, and get new content from the online Pet Store.
•    Pet Program – Engage in a variety of skill challenges to earn special items and unlockables

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