FREETALK Buddy Cam for Skype Review


Skype has already taken the world by storm with their free international Skype-to-Skype calls, video chatting, instant messaging, and reduced Skype-to-phone calling rates. Now the founders of Skype have created a line of communication accessories to make personal interactions and conferences one step easier and a little more personalized.  The FREETALK Buddy Cam Blue system is a combination of innovative technology capable of video calls, video recordings and snapshots.  This little computer-side companion is easy to install and lets you enjoy video calls if your computer doesn’t have an installed webcam, or if you are just jaded by the thought of staring into an emotionless mechanical camera.

The Buddy Cam has automated motion technology that adjusts to the lighting of the room.  Advanced color compensation technology restores the natural color to surroundings that many cameras muffle. Although we noticed that the picture was rather blurry and that the bright settings made a bleached look. The Buddy Cam has opposable limbs so they can be adjusted to rest on a monitor, screen or desktop, but it just didn’t feel all that secure. However, installation of the Buddy Cam is a breeze.  Just plug in the USB into an available 2.0 port and you are ready for business.

The Cam has 1.3 mega pixel hardware with a 5-element glass lens.  The webcam can capture snapshots at upto 640×480 pixels.  With a video resolution of 30fps refresh rate, you will be able to chat with anyone just like you were sitting in the same room.  The Buddy Cam can be placed facing in any direction and has a 1.5m cable that is over four feet long.  With the click of a button you can record video to post on YouTube, other personal websites or send videos to your friends and family.

The Buddy Cam Blue is compatible with Mac and Windows PC (XP/Vista). This product almost has more certifications than a doctor.  It is CE, Skype, FCC, PAH, VCCI, C-tick, and RoHs certified.  This means the Buddy Cam Blue is completely regulated, legalized and made from safe materials.   Included with this system is a set of headphones (without microphone) and a convenient compact traveling case to store the products.

At $19.99 the Buddy Cam blue is an inexpensive way to keep in touch and let your friends and family share your life.  The camera and video recording options are an exciting way for you to post media on different websites or to make home movies.  The unique look of the Buddy Cam adds a fun personal touch to any computer system. The Buddy Cam is also available in pink and green.

The good: Inexpensive, playful design, compact carrying case, easy installation

The bad: Visual is blurry, bleached look in bright settings, does not securely fit on laptop screen

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