FREETALK Wireless Headset Review


ftMost people nowadays have a busy schedule that leaves little time for sitting down to talk with friends and family. We all enjoy how Skype can save you money on phone calls, but now the creators of Skype have found a way to save time also, with the FREETALK Wireless headset.  It offers the same high-quality sound you can expect from Skype, but without having to be connected to a computer.  So feel free to clean the house, water the grass, jog in place or dance down the hallway as you enjoy the freedom of this wireless headset and microphone. Most of all, it allows our gender to do what we are famous for – multitasking.

The Fscreenshot_04REETALK Wireless headset  uses an AvernaAudio radio chip and a super wideband audio to achieve a clear high quality sound.  The Neodymium speakers use 20Hz-20KHz for a complete resonating range.  The headset  displays two very impressive skills in the categories of longevity and range – it allows you to communicate continuously for up to 5.5 hours per charge and works up to 15 meters or 50 feet away from your computer.  Installation is a piece of cake. Plug in the USB, charge it up with the 2m battery cable, then start walking and talking! The headset is even practical to use while working on your computer because you will not be tangled up in cords.

The headband and microphone of the headset are adjustable for a relaxed fit.  Padded ear pieces and a weight of 142grams make the headset comfortable for all day use.  On one of the earcups the FREETALK Wireless Headset sports a set of convenient volume buttons, so that you can control the volume while you’re wandering around. On the same earcup, the headset’s Power button is also located. When you are traveling, the included sturdy carrying case is perfect to protect your headset, along with the included USB transmitter and USB charging cable.  The headset’s design also folds down flat for easy storage and mobility.  The Wireless has been CE, FCC, Skype, PAH, RoHs, C-tick, and VCCI certified, meaning it is a completely safe licensed and functioning product. Finally, the FREETALK Wireless headset is compatible with Mac OS X, and Windows PC 2000, XP, and Vista computers that are Pentium 3 or equivalent based processors.

The FREETALK Wireless Headset runs from $68.00 and up.  Overall, this is well worth the investment for those with a busy schedule who need to work as they talk.  The headset is appropriate for any setting such as in the office or at home.  Not only is it convenient, it is powerful enough to work from 50 feet away and still receive reception through obstacles and walls.

The good: Wireless, long range, 5.5 hours continuous talk, usable while charging, affordable.

The bad: Heavier than most headsets, squeezes slightly behind the ears.