Gold Bubble Slider iPhone 4 Case Screams Mug Me!

chrome_collection-1One of the more unique iPhone 4 cases to be released thus far is the iPhone 4 Bubble Slider Chrome from hard Candy Cases. This Collection of cases scream bling! Available in chrome, shiny black, or gold – and the gold version especially pops. We have mixed feelings about this case. Some of us here love it, some of us say that they wouldn’t be caught dead with it. Or maybe they would be caught dead with it – because wrapping that around your iPhone 4 means screaming for the attention of muggers. All jokes aside, the case is lightweight with a pretty sleek metallic exterior. The case is broken into two pieces and slides on to the iPhone 4 and then snaps together. You can pick up Hard Candy’s iPhone 4 Bubble Slider Chrome Collection cases for $34.95 each.


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