Gumdrop Air Shell Case for the iPhone 4 Review


Gumdrop’s Air Shell Cases are a new series of cases designed specifically for the iPhone 4. These cases are really, really thin, very lightweight, and they’re also very form-fitting. And because they are just so very light and form-fitting, they are actually some of our favorite iPhone 4 cases yet! Too many of the iPhone 4 cases out there add bulk to the iPhone, but the Air Shell Case doesn’t. The case is made out of a light polycarbonate material. As a matter of fact, the case is so thin that it almost seems like a skin, albeit with more protection than a traditional skin. The Air Shell case also easily snaps onto the iPhone and stays securely on. Removing it takes some, but minimum effort, since you’ll need to use your nails or something thin to pry it off of your iPhone.

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Gumdrop’s Air Shell case is available in several colors. The Palm Tree collection of Air Shell Cases includes the colors green, blue, black, gold, silver which all have a metallic look. The Skater Nation Collection, on the other hand, includes cases that all sport a matte finish and includes the colors black, red, blue, gray and white. Each of the Air Shell Cases retail for $34.95. Looking ahead, we hope that Gumdrop comes out with more Air Shell cases, but we’d like to see designs added to the cases for additional punch.

The Good: Not Bulky! Very thin and light, Lots of color choices
The Bad: Doesn’t provide serious shock protection, front face of the iPhone isn’t covered, a bit pricey

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