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Hulu Viewers Dropping Like Flies, Drops 45% According to ComScore



Well it looks like there are rough waters up ahead for Hulu, the popular video streaming site used to be the number 2 video site behind YouTube, but that is not the case anymore, and is actually not as popular as we all thought according to the Los Angeles Times. According to the report, the numbers of viewers heading over to Hulu to catch up on missed TV shows and programs has plunged 45 percent – and dropped to 24 million in June. This however is following an overhaul of “ComScore’s methodology”, now ranking it at No. 10 among video websites.

This drop in viewership can be attributed to many factors. For starters, many networks have learned from the success of Hulu and are pushing out their TV shows to view on their own sites, and with their own apps. Heck, the ABC Player iPad app is totally a must have download for iPad users.

However the most disturbing cause for this dramatic change is the fact that there is really no precise way to measure sites like these. The big three measurement firms are ComScore, Nielsen and Quantcast and while they do similar measurements, their results are wildly different as they use different methods of measuring traffic. We are personally not a fan of Quantcast who constantly gets our measurement data wrong. ComScore says their numbers reflect from a new system called “Video Mextrix 2.0” which  distinguishes between “ads and content, and tracks the kind of information advertisers and media buyers might find relevant — such as the average number of commercials that users watch over the course of the month on a given site. Improved data collection methods allowed it to revise its estimates of individual viewers.”
While that may be the case for measurement discrepancies, the fact that Netflix is also offering many streaming TV shows can’t be helping Hulu’s situation either. We’re thinking that this may not be the best of times for Hulu to have launched Hulu Plus, a paid premium service.

(Via Los Angeles Times)