iPhone 4 Cases Now in Crocodile Skin and White Gold

iphone4CrocPish posh – Swarovski iPhone cases were sooo last year. Today the new fad is Crocodile skin with white gold! Is that too fancy for you?  Well how about a Stingray polished or python skinned iPhone 4 case. Yep, supposedly all available from a site called MJ Apple iPhone Limited Edition – yeah real legit sounding don’t you think? All cases are limited editions, no word if they mess with your reception or maybe it hisses if you get disconnected. If you are brave enough to attempt to purchase these cases – it looks like they are coming from Russia and you will have to email or call to inquire the price and availability. They also have gold trimmed too – just mentioning.

iphone4 Iguanaiphone4Stingrayiphone4snake