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iPhone Camera Art Makes NYC Look Trendier Than Ever

05_Flatbed_2 - JUNE

05_Flatbed_2 - JUNEFor those who have an iPhone (who doesn’t these days) not only can it be used to display your Artwork on, but it can also be used as a tool to make beautiful art like photography – even with a subpar camera on an iPhone 3GS. Adrian Mihai,  a New York-based documentary filmmaker as well as adjunct professor at NYU decided to take his iPhone to the streets of NYC and shoot images you have to see to believe. Oddly enough, this is the second time this week that iPhone photography has been in the news. Now of course we can tell that most of the photos were Photoshopped or edited – but purely for the effects in many of them. However, the eye behind the iPhone camera lens still needs skill when taking a picture of a specific subject. In the end, Adrian has a beautiful portfolio of images that even a DSLR camera would be proud of.

05_Flatbed_2 - JUNE05_Flatbed_2 - JUNE05_Flatbed_2 - JUNE

(Via NY Daily News)