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Lindsay Lohan Can Still Tweet and Text in Prison – Here’s How


We actually feel pretty bad for Lindsay Lohan, the girl just doesn’t seem to get a break. We’re not going to get into semantics here, but what is on our minds is how is she going to survive without a cell phone, Facebook, or Twitter for three months? After all, the girl does have a reputation for being an early adopter – she’s been known to strut Sidekicks and Blackberries before anyone else. She’s also very active in the social media space with almost 767,000 followers.
In prison Lindsay will be stripped of her smartphone and internet privileges. She’ll have no internet access whatsoever. She will however, have phone privileges. According to Hollywood Life, Lindsay will be able to use the phone in prison to make collect calls for a certain number of hours during the day.

So Lindsay, we hope you’re reading this, because here are some ways for you to keep your social media presence going while you’re doing time. And heaven knows, people will be eager to hear what you have to say while you’re there!

Dial2Do is a service that will let you send and receive text messages, check your Gmail, update your WordPress blog, and last but not least also send out Tweets –  all from a prison pay phone. The service also works with hellotxt which can be used to update Facebook and Myspace. In addition, Lindsay can also use Dial2Do to listen to news, weather and sports. Dial2Do was actually designed for people to use while driving handsfree in their car, but it will work with any phone. A basic version of Dial2Go is free but is very limited. She’ll need to pony up for the $3.99 a month plan to get all of these features.

Ok, so Dial2Go does seem like a great way for her to send out status updates and communicate with her fans and followers, but it’s not the most efficient way for Lindsay to keep tabs on what her friends have been up to. That is where PostEgram comes in. PostEgram takes Facebook status updates and transforms it into a full color printed newsletter that can be delivered to you. That shouldn’t be a problem either, since Lindsay should be allowed to receive letters while in jail. Pricing for PostEgram newsletters begins at $4.99.