Marantz Releases 15 A/V Products Packed with 3D, Pandora, Netflix & More


Marantz released a slew of new AV products today – 15 to be exact! With their latest generation of AV Receivers they’ve introduced several important features across the board: HDMI 1.4a with 3D support, iPhone/iPod Connectivity, iPod and USB storage connectivity, streaming services like Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster and Flickr, as well as the ability to stream audio and photos directly from PCs, wireless connectivity through Bluetooth, and remote maintenance via the web for service technicians. The company says that they’re also not abandoning important old technologies for the new. So older technologies like Component input and 7.1 channel direct inputs are still standard, even on these new devices. One of their new flagship A/V Receivers, the SR7005 ( shown above) , is one such model that sports all of these new features, along with an improved GUI. The SR7005, which replaces the SR7002, will be available in August 2010 for $1,599. Marantz also explained that across the board the power consumption on all of the new models has been reduced. They’re also offering app controls for many of their products, and they have an iPhone app that is set to be announced soon at CEDIA.

On top of their new A/V receivers, Marantz has also come out with several Blu-ray players and Hi-Fi Source Players. The Blu-Ray players all have a new improved user interface as well, they are full universal players, and they have support for network streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, as well as the ability to stream files from your PC – even HD files. These Blu-ray players are also fast loading and 3D ready.

But one of our top picks from amongst their new releases is the Model M-CR603 Network CD Receiver which features a Built-In Amplifier, Receiver, CD Player and AM/FM Radio, and Music Streaming from services like Rhapsody, Pandora, and Napster. The M-CR603 is a particularly attractive and compact 12″x 12″ box. It also sports a USB port for connecting to an iPod and it can connect to a home network for streaming and multi-room distribution. We’ll update this post with a photo of the M-CR603, as soon as we have it.

Most of Marantz’s new products are set to be released in August. For more details on each of the products that Marantz released yesterday, go here.

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