Metal Gear Solid Walkman Series W Review


Yes, we may be ladies, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love us some Snake from Metal Gear Solid. So when we got a chance to review the Metal Gear Solid Walkman Player, believe it or not, we jumped at the chance to revel in the delight of wearing a camo covered MP3 player.

The Limited edition Walkman is designed for the Metal Gear Solid fan in all of us.The overall functionality of the device is the same as the original W Series Walkman. However this one adds a bit of flair and masculinity to the design. It also includes extras like the video game soundtrack with songs: “Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Main Theme” , “Heavens Divide” , “Chrysalis” , “Outer Heaven” , “Zero Allies!” , and “Koi no Yokushiryoku”and a gaming code for Metal Gear Solid PeaceWalker, which will unlock a soldier on your PSP. It also includes two extra mushroom shaped silicon eartips for smaller or larger ear canals for a better fit if you need it. In order to get started, you’ll need to first hook it up to your computer to start transferring songs. The Walkman is only PC compatible – so if you have a Mac, it won’t work with it. However, it does support iTunes on PC.

Once you plug it into your computer – your computer will start scanning the device and detect it. You will have to explore the folders and then click Setup. Once you do, you will be taken through the setup process and then the included software will install what is needed for you to transfer files from iTunes and Windows Media Player to the Walkman. The software includes tips on how to use the Walkman, a guide, and help on how to use the bundled software that is included. The software also gives you the option to transfer songs automatically from a specific folder every time you connect your Walkman to your computer, and it will also let you know how much space you have left on your Walkman. This is the standard proprietary software that comes with all of the W Series Walkmans. In the end of the day except for the design of the device and included songs, nothing else is Metal Gear re-branded.

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The entire installation process takes about 10 minutes to complete and then you are on your way. Once you transfer songs to your Walkman, keep in mind you only have 2GB worth of space to work with. The included soundtrack sounded very rich and fluid, which quiet honestly I was surprised to experience on such a reasonably priced device. The bass was deep but I did experience some music escaping just by the design of the Walkman. However, for the price and concept, I was very pleased with the audio experience – especially from an all-in-one device. The Walkman stayed in my ears as I walked my way to the subway and I even jogged a little to test if it would fall out of my ears while running and it shockingly stayed put. I also got caught in a typical summer thunderstorm and was afraid I was either going to be electrocuted or have the Walkman die on me, and neither happened because it is water resistant. So that doesn’t mean you can stand in a downpour for an hour straight but if you get caught in the rain and quickly look for cover – you and your Metal Gear Solid Walkman should be fine – just like Snake would be.

The Metal Gear Solid Limited Edition Walkman W Series Player is a great gift for you or someone you know who loves the game. It’s perfect for fanboys and fangirls at the gym or just casual everyday use. Especially if you don’t want to deal with the need of having to carry both a MP3 or iPod and a pair of headphones too.  The controls are about the only thing I felt that were a bit clumsy. You really have to memorize where the buttons are in order to control  the volume, shuffle, and play your music. It operated just fine once you got the hang of it – even with the Jog lever which enables a feature called Zappin that lets you hear snippets of songs before choosing which ones you want to listen too. In addition, the Walkman tended to get uncomfortable to wear after long periods of time.  I switched the tips out to see if it would make and difference and it didn’t – after wearing them for extended periods of time, I began to feel a pressure in my ears and I had to take them out.However,  this could just be me and perhaps others may not experience the same problem.  Overall for the price of $59.95 the Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid Walkman Series W is a solid (no pun intended) player that not only functions and sounds good – but it will also appeal to gamers as well. The Metal Gear Solid Walkman Player retails for $59.95 (or around $82 from Amazon) and is available now.

The Good: Metal Gear Solid design will appeal to fans of the game. Nice extras like the soundtrack and unlock code for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker for PSP. Good sound quality and water-resistant to boot. Affordable price.

The Bad: Controls can get frustrating to use if you keep hitting the wrong ‘small buttons.’  Design may not attract the ladies. Tends to get uncomfortable after long periods of time wearing them. Not Mac compatible. Would have liked a few more Metal Gear touches like re-skinned Walkman software.

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