Monster Teams up with Disney for Tron Legacy T3 & T1 Headphones


As if the recent Tron Legacy trailer that was showcased at Comic-Con last week didn’t get us psyched enough – these new Tron Legacy headphones from Monster Cable are really getting us pumped! Monster Cable has teamed up with Disney to produce several Tron Legacy products including the T1 headphones, T3 in-ear headphones, the Monster Tron Powerstation, and the ID Disc Dock. More details will be released in the Fall, but in the meanwhile we know that the T1 headphones feature Monster’s ControlTalk and they really do look like something straight from the movie! The T3 headphones on the other hand, are in-ear headphones (earbud style) and also feature ControlTalk. Plus, we’ve also spotted a matching Monster docking station over at Disney’s own Tron Legacy site. The Disney site also shows off a preview of several other Tron Legacy gadgets – including a Light Cycle USB Drive, and a Razer keyboard and mouse – however, these last few are not Monster products. Ooooh, the geeky goodies that await us all!



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