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MusicSkins for iPhone 4 Review


Last year we reviewed MusicSkins for the MacBook Pro. MusicSkins offers a large selection of pop culture inspired skins  for all different types of popular gadgets. For example, their skin selection includes designs from the Beatles, Taylor Swift, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Ed Hardy, Black Eyed Peas, Domo, Madonna and many other popular artists as well as some fashion lines – however, the majority of their catalog is made up of musicians in the rock, pop, rap, and R & B scenes. MusicSkins sent us over a sample of their Pink Floyd “Dark Side” skin for the iPhone 4. The skin covers just the back of the iPhone 4 and is practically a perfect fit for its backside. The MusicSkin is a good quality skin which is thick enough to be reapplied over and over. However, we did notice that the skin has a subtle textured grid surface which is a bit more prominently seen than on other competing skins. However, this is in no way a deal breaker, as most people wouldn’t notice this at all, and it’s really only noticeable if you look at the skin up-close.

Overall MusicSkins has a nice selection of well made skins for the iPhone 4. If you’re a music fan, than MusicSkins continues to be the way to go if you want to pimp your iPhone 4 out with your favorite musician or band.  We also imagine that MusicSkins for the iPhone 4 would be a perfect compliment to an iPhone dressed in a bumper. MusicSkins for the iPhone 4 retails for $15, and you can get an additional 20% off if you use Discount Code: thankyou.

The Good: Very big selection of pop icons, high quality skin

The Bad: Front of iPhone not protected, grid texture on the skin’s surface is slightly annoying