Samsung’s HMX-E10 1080P Pocket Camcorder Screams “Touch Me!”


Ever since the Flip became popular, so many manufacturers have come out with competing products with not only similar function, but similar form as well. Quite frankly, we’re growing sick of the unoriginality, so it’s good to see that Samsung’s latest HD camcorder has a design that more or less deviates from the norm, if only for a little bit. The HMX-E10 pocket camcorder packs in 1080p HD H.264 video recording at 30fps, a 270 degree swivel lens, a 2x digital zoom, it has a generous 2.7″ touchscreen LCD, a one touch upload button, and it also packs in HDMI and a direct USB connector. The HMX-E10’s LCD screen is also divided into two sections. The top section plays the live view of what is currently in the frame, while the bottom half displays a series of touch-screen controls – including record, stop and play. And what is cool about its swivel lens is that users can use it to to rotate it and take pictures of themselves. On top of that, the camera also comes with lens effects and color effects like sketch, defog, a lens shift effect, and vignetting effects. The Samsung HMX-E10 pocket camcorder will retail for $199 in September and will be available in cream or black.


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