Skype iPhone App Now Supports iOS4 Multitasking for Calls Over 3G

Skype-for-iPhone-incoming-call-1-1 The Skype iPhone app has been on of the most anticipated apps to get a multitasking update for iOS4 and the update is finally here! That means that not only can you use Skype to make calls over 3G, but you’ll also be able to receive Skype calls while other apps are running- even if your phone is locked. And while you’re on a Skype call, you’ll be able to switch to other tasks like surfing the web or checking your email, all while still having a conversation on Skype. The app has also been updated to take advantage of the iPhone 4’s retina display.

And one last thing – Skype has also confirmed that they no longer have plans to charge a supplement when making Skype calls over 3G – we’re glad they came to their senses on that one!

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