StyleSynch Ultra Slim Bling Bluetooth Headset Review

_DSC0124The StyleSynch Ultra Slim Bling Bluetooth Headset is quite a mouthful for something so small! It does not disappoint though. Most notably, this headset has low radiation emission. So in ten years, your ear tumor will be smaller then everyone else’s. But seriously, we could all do with less radiation, and more sparkles.

Design wise, it lives up to it’s name. The StyleSynch Ultra Slim Bling Bluetooth Headset is impressively slim, at about a 1/4 inch thick exactly, and lightweight, about 6 grams. It is made with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant aluminum which explains how it’s light weight. It fits remarkably comfortably, even without the removable earwrap. The ear wrap was a bit of a bother for me. But that could just be my big ears. It seemed a little too rigid to properly hold to my ear and kept fighting with the upper flap of my ear, pushing it down. I just went without it and was very happy with how well it stayed in. It afforded me all kinds of movement without falling out. At the same time, it did not plug my ear so tightly that I felt deaf either, but rather was at a happy medium.

The applied crystals, or “bling” as they call it, sports sparkles galore in pink, red, and white. It really looks like someone took a sleek average earpiece and bedazzled the heck out of it with genuine crystal rhinestones. It raised a giggle here and there of how cute it is. It’s nice to see a company having some fun with a piece of technology that is normally so bland.

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Operating this headset was easier then expected. It’s all in the light. It takes 2 hours to fully charge the set from nothing, with the included travel wall charger, or the USB charger. The light is red while charging then turns off when full. From that point you have about 3 hours of talk time, and 50 hours of standby. So you should probably charge this every night. Otherwise you will get a little blinking light asking for power.

Pairing is a simple process as well. It is Bluetooth V2.0+EDR enabled. All that is necessary to pair, is to hold down the button until it flashes blue and red alternatively. Then turn the bluetooth on of the device you are pairing it with, select the headset (U&I-21) and if necessary enter 0000 as a passcode to connect. If you walk out side of the 32 foot range of use, and it loses the connection, it will reestablish it upon reentry.

To pick up a call, one simple click, and to reject a call, hold down for 2 seconds. If your phone allows voice dialing, the headset facilitates this with one click. It even has a redial feature by clicking it twice. The voice clarity is very clear on both ends, filtering out the usual whirring sounds, with exception to wind, or car noises. It cannot be paired to two devices at a time like some other headsets do. Another down side is that there is no way to turn up or down the volume on the ear piece itself.

Coming in at $65, he StyleSynch Ultra Slim Bling Bluetooth Headset is priced in the mid-range of bluetooth headsets. It comes in the red, pink and white shown above as well as purple, and aubergine purple. It fits comfortably and is pretty adorable with its rhinestone bling – although this sort of design is obviously not for everyone. Overall, the low radiation, very slim and quirky design, and ease of use make it an attractive option. However, if you are looking to pair your headset with more then one device at a time, this might not be for you. However, most people just need it to work with one device at a time, so this won’t be a problem.

The Good: Low radiation, comfortable, blinged out design, easy to use.

The Bad:
pairs only with one device at a time, no volume adjustment, battery talk time average.

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