7 Cool Intel Projects You May or May Not Know About

Last month Intel brought together a group of bloggers from around the U.S. for their annual Upgrade Your Life Event where Intel offers several Bloggers the opportunity to see what the micro-processing giant is working on – but we’re not talking necessarily just about their work on their latest Core processors. This is the second year that Chip Chick has attended Intel Upgrade. Last year’s visit to Intel allowed us get an exclusive up and close and view of Intel’s education initiatives, their ethnographic research projects, their MID gadgets, and even some of their future (and very futuristic) projects. This year Intel introduced us to a variety of the different projects that they are currently working on, most of which are outside of the world of microprocessors. Here is a run through of some of the projects that really stood out for us, and chances are that many of these on this list will be totally new to you, as they were surprises to us.

The Creators Project

1. The Creators Project – The Creators Project was started as a collaboration between VICE and Intel to bring together stand-out artists across the world who are merging technology with art, film, design, and architecture. The event offers attendees the opportunity to see these art installations and exhibits first hand. Nick Zinner, guitarist for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is just an example of one of the artists who is using his photography work with a score composed especially for an exhibit at the event. The Creators Project launched recently in New York and it’s next stop is London on July 17th.


2. Intel’s Intelligent Home Energy Management – Everyone talks about going green and saving money on your electric bill, but in practice, it’s hard to keep tabs of the energy usage in your household. But Intel’s intelligent home energy management platform, which runs on their Atom processors, aims to be a central and straightforward way to figure out ways to reduce your utility bills, as well as also conveniently having integrated apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Pandora. Intel has begun showing off their OpenPeak proof of concept devices for the home that can serve as a central hub for energy management in the home. It also looks like they’ve recently expanded their OpenPeak products with the OpenFrame 7 multimedia IP phone, the ProFrame 7, and the OpenTablet 7.

3. 3D Internet – Intel wants to bring 3D visualizations to the internet, kind of in the same fashion that you would play video games today. Intel believes that if they transform visualizations on the internet into 3D, they can create immersive virtual worlds, the likes of which that can be especially useful in education. For example, kids could actually fly through space, instead of looking at a simple 2D picture of the solar system.


4. WiMAX – We’ve been hearing about the promise of affordable highspeed WiMAX internet for years now, and Intel is finally help making that happen. Clearwire and Sprint are quickly rolling out more 4G networks around the country. One city we’re especially looking forward to is the upcoming WiMAX roll-out here in New York City.


5. Smart TVs – With big backers like Google, Sony, and Logitech, there is no wonder why Google TV is so highly anticipated. But did you ever consider why Intel would get involved in such a project? Here is why.


6. Intel’s Classmate PC – Intel is on a mission to get Classmate PCs into the hands of millions of children around the world. We recently reviewed the latest Classmate PC, the Convertible Classmate PC and had the opportunity to understand what makes this PC different than other notebooks out there.


7. Intel’s Reader and other Health Care Projects – Currently, 9% of the population is over the age of 60 and by 2050 that parentage will grow to 21%. Intel is anticipating this growth in population of senior citizens in the coming years, and they’re looking into ways to deal with it best. The Intel Health Guide and Intel Reader are just some of their projects which have already begun to transform the quality of life for seniors in the 21st century.

Please note, that in accordance to the FTC Guidelines and WOMMA Code of Ethics, I am disclosing that Intel Corporation has covered my travel, accommodations and costs related to my visit to their Oregon-based offices.

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