Athena Style PC’s Go Perfectly With a Cocktail Dress

IMG_9813Till now Athena has been pretty quiet. We wrote about them way back in 2009 about their unique line of Art PC netbooks that featured beautiful designs on the lid of the computers that weren’t decals or skins. Well they have just released a slew of newly designed PC’s called Style PC with accompanying cases called the Style Bag. The Style PC is a 10-inch notebook that will launch August 23rd. When it launches there will be 8 different matching bag/laptop designs – from abstracts to sketch illustrations. The Style PC will weigh under 3.5 lbs, have a Intel Processor (no specifics yet on which chip type), 2 GB memory, 320 GB hard drive and retail for $599.00. These might be the most stylish notebooks yet that doesn’t have a fashion designer tied to it.

IMG_9812IMG_9816A-6Hernan Zebra bag


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