Bad Girls Club Miami Takes Twitter and Facebook by Storm


When I walked into the OxygenLive TV premier of “Bad Girls Club Miami,” I was expecting cat fights and cocktails. Instead, I got live tweeters, the new cast of Bad Girls Club Miami, and the baddest Bad Girls Tanisha and Flo from Bad Girls Season 4 and 5 respectively all glued to their computer screens. Why? Because this was not only a premier of the new Bad Girls Club Miami, but it was a “Live” TV experience that used Facebook and Twitter to create a live experience for fans and viewers.photo

We all know that Twitter and Facebook have changed the way people share their thoughts and information online. But can it change TV? Oxygen says yes. The network embarked on a TV show premiere with a live twitter stream integrated directly into the show. Users could post their thoughts mid premiere and the Bad Girls themselves could respond in real-time. Twitter users utilizing the hashtag #BGC could comment live on the premier and perhaps even see their face on National television during the live premiere. The Bad Girls also commented on the episode, identified on the TV screen with their signature “Devil Heart” icon, of course.

Even if you’re not on Twitter or Facebook, you could still see what fellow fans and Bad Girls were saying about the premiere. One of the Bad Girls commented on how hot she looked on TV, which sparked some serious controversy or agreement on Twitter. OxygenLive TV included an image cloud that identified what the cast and viewers were responding to most. The idea is expanding into a whole OxygenLive.com community where fans can read stories on the Oxygen blog, “like” a show page on Facebook, and elements that make sharing information, photos, and stories online easy. Stay tuned for the OxygenLive app so you can participate in the conversation on-the-go.

photo2“Our goal is to build on the success of OxygenLive.com by extending it to more platforms and turning real-time social engagement into content for television,” says Jennifer Kavanagh, Vice President of Digital & New Media. “OxygenLive TV allows fans of ‘Bad Girls Club Miami’ to re-experience the show in a super social way. We believe it’s a glimpse into the future of how Generation O may watch her favorite shows.”

The experiment already seems to be working due to the large about of tweets and Facebook shares from last night’s Miami premier. Since its launch in December 2009 the social experience has generated over 14 million page views. Looks like the Bad Girls of Miami will soon be the Bad Girls of Facebook and Twitter.

Bad Girls Club Season 5 Twitter Accounts:

Bad Girls Club Season 5 – @bgconoxygen
Cat Washington – @MsCat215
Erica – @BadGirlERiCA
Danielle Rosario – @DDanielleBGC5
Lea Lorraine – @LeaLorraine13
Morgan Brittany – @morganbrittxxx


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  1. omg!!! i f*** hate lea and kristen.they are weak and arent bad girls..forget them..idk why lea said she aint a lesbian wen on the show it clearly show that WH*** is one!!! i hate kristen becuase she is a weak b****..wtf….. and if they were real bad girls than they wouldnt have eachothers back and stand on there on!! GO CRISTINA!!!!!

  2. I am super glad brandi is gone!! She got on my nerves everytime she opened her mouth!!! She was a fake a** b****!!!!!

  3. man real talk im lovin christina i dont care if she got her ass whooped i jus knw me an her wuda been hella cool friends an wud have mosdef took controll of that dam house all them hoood rat bitches are fake as fuk

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