AG Findings Releases BlackBerry Torch Cases, Wow – That Was Fast!

Not one to waste a minute, AG Findings has rolled out four new protective cases for the Blackberry Torch. First there is the premium leather pouch which is very traditional looking and ordinary on the outside, but it has the unique ability to automatically put your device in sleep mode to conserve battery through its built-in sleeper magnets. The Premium Leather Pouch retails for $39.99.
The Glide Rail Technology (GRT) Shell is made of a special shell that attaches to itself rather, than the device. It has rails that are composed of Glide-Tech Resin that prevent scratching when inserting and removing the shell. The Glide Rail Technology Shell will be available in smoked Chrome or metallic blue for $34.99.

The Endo GRT is made of an internal skeleton and also includes the Glide Rail technology. It retails for $29.99 and is available in purple or black. Finally, the Endo GRT with Holster for $34.99 features the same elements as the Endo GRT but also throws in a holster. All of the cases will be available at AT&T stores and online.

Update 09/13/2010: The GRT Shell and Endo GRT cases come with an optional holster. Also, the GRT Shell and Endo GRT do in fact cover the entire BlackBerry Torch 9800.

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  1. Informative post Helena. Cases seem to be becoming quite complex and sophisticated pieces of engineering.

    “built-in sleeper magnets”
    “Glide-Tech Resin that prevent scratching when inserting and removing the shell.”

    I suppose the fact that phones are becoming increasingly expensive and advanced calls for protection to match.

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