Charge ‘N’ Fruit Docks Juices up Your Cellphones and MP3 Players


When you think of fruit – you don’t necessarily think of a docking station… Well obviously some people do, and Art in the City has created a line called Charge ‘N’ Fruit. These ‘fresh fruits’ offer a docking alternative for all types of Mp3 players and cellphones, ranging from the iPhone to the BlackBerry and all the devices in between. You can choose an apple, banana, pear, or grapes to dock your device into. The docks also come in an assortment of colors and if you want to get really crazy – there are limited edition Swarovski apple docks, as well as other artist inspired creations that are limited in quantity, but high on design. Charge ‘N’ Fruit has even designed a limited edition Swarovski version with the American Flag on it called ‘Stars and Stripes’ for its debut in the U.S. this week. It is completely covered in 22,000 Swarovski elements and there will only be 50 pieces made, but there is no word on the price. The rest of the Charge ‘N’ Fruit series retails for 49,90 € ($64) for the plain fruit but there is also no pricing info available for the limited editions yet.


fruit 1fruit 2fruit 3fruit 4fruit 6fruit5

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