Coveroo Custom iPhone 4 Case Review

_DSC0057Coveroo is a company that offers custom phone covers and cases for all types of cell phones and portable devices. You can choose a design from their large selection of over 2000 designs, or you can choose to use your own artwork. From their own collection, they have everything from the Simpsons, to Barbie, to Shakira, to the Yankees. However, we went ahead and opted to send them the Chip Chick logo to print on an iPhone 4 case.


The case that Coveroo uses for the iPhone 4 is actually a black version of Hard Candy Cases Superlight case. The case is indeed a super-light, formfitting case with a polycarbonate body that snaps onto the iPhone 4. Because the case is so form fitting and light-it almost feels like it’s not a case at all. With a quick glance, You could almost fool someone into thinking that the logo is printed on the iPhone-especially if you’re iPhone is wearing the black case. However, Coveroo has a variety of other color cases to choose from for the iPhone 4 – like blue, orange, pink, white, gray, green, and silver.


If you’re going to be using your own artwork, you’ll be taking a different path for ordering your case because you’ll be emailing the design to Coveroo, and working with their designers directly. To get a custom case done you’ll have to go to choose a design, and from there you’ll need to select “Custom Art” which is listed under the categories. The first case that Coveroo sent us actually had the Chip Chick logo a bit misaligned – the logo wasn’t perfectly centered and was justified too much to the left. However, Coveroo sent us a replacement right away. The logo’s printed colors on the case we received are accurate to the original logo we sent them. However, in retrospect we think we probably should have sent them a logo with a higher DPI because the logo looks a bit grainy if you analyze it closely. Coveroo recommends images with a dpi of at-least 300dpi, but the higher the dpi the better.

[nggallery id=381]

A “Custom Design” Coveroo case for the iPhone 4 costs $54.95 with a color design, or $49.95 to get a custom engraved cover. You can also add custom text to the case with a 15 character limit for an additional $5.00. That might seem a bit pricey at first, but considering that HardCandy charges $34.95 for the case alone, it’s not all that unreasonably priced. Overall, we are mightily impressed with our new Coveroo iPhone 4 case. The Chip Chick logo very much pops on the case. It makes us feel kind of vain, but we cant help but be proud of our new custom Coveroo case.

The Good: A case that fits your own personality, case itself is awesome
The Bad: First case had misaligned logo, but we got a replacement right away

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