Covert Affairs Auggie Gets a Headphone Upgrade

I’ve mentioned this before – but my latest obsession seems to be with Auggie on the show Covert Affairs and the gadgets that he uses. There hasn’t been really anything super outstanding as of late. But one thing that has changed seems to be Auggie’s headset that he uses in the office. In the first two episodes he was sporting a pair of headphones with wooden earcups that is from Grado called the RS2i. However more recently, the production budget must have gotten approved to be bit higher, and now Auggie is sporting what appears to be a pair of Bang and Olufsen EarSet 1 Mobile earphones. I guess these do look more CIA authorized because of its sleek design. Who knows what he will be sporting next, I’m looking forward to seeing Annie eventually play with some neato gadgets instead of just showing off her awesome driving skills.


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  1. I don’t think going from a $500 pair of audiophile headphones to a $200 mono-earbud headset is much of a budget upgrade.

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