Preview of Dance Central Exclusively for Kinect and Xbox (Video)



Dance Central, is a new video game that fully utilizes Kinect for the Xbox 360. Dance Central was exclusively made for Kinect and operates as such with a fluidity that is amazing. There is no dance mat required – just your body and the floor beneath you. You are able to control the entire game completely free of any physical controllers – just by waving your hand. Just motion your arms upward to scroll through songs or make selections. Everything is completely controlled by your body movement.

I got a taste of how this game will actually work and I have to say I was really impressed. The graphics are loud and intense, and also extremely easy on the eyes. The character models are polished and are ready to break it down. Nothing cheesy like the Wii here. You’ll learn names to dance moves that you’ve never heard of, all the while breaking a sweat to some great songs from the likes of Lady Gaga to 90’s classics such as Poison from Bell Biv DeVoe.


There is definitely a learning curve involved, but there are dance lessons included in the game and each level is choreographed from beginner levels to expert. I personally have no rhythm whatsoever – so attempting to ‘dance’ in Dance Central, well, I imagine that it will be a challenge for me. If anything I can use it as an exercise routine because you definitely end up burning calories while playing – there is even a calorie counter included inside the game.

In the game you will also be able to dance on your own or with a crew, and even challenge opponents, similar to West Side Story if you will. From the brief time we spent with the game – we can tell you that it will definitely get you booted out of of your NYC apartment for stomping around on those hardwood floors – but you’ll have a great time doing it.

Dance Central will launch officially in November and will retail for $49.99.