Entenmann’s Donut Maker Saves You from Temptation at The Supermarket

When you think of Entenmann’s – the first thing that comes to mind is pound cake and that it’s probably the one section of the supermarket you try to run from. However Entenmann’s always seems to find you, as those delicious cakes and donuts stare at you at the end of the aisle. Well now WowWee’s EZ-2 Make line is letting you make the these treats at home with the Entenmann’s Donut Maker. This completely adorable gadget is supposed to be more suited for kids, but I’m pretty sure that a couple of adults I know wouldn’t mind using it either. The device makes up to 12 donuts at a time, includes icing and sprinkles for decorations, and the donuts are easily baked in the microwave. But if donuts aren’t your thing, there is also the ICEE Deluxe Slushy Maker that lets you make slushies at home too – 7/11 decor not included.

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