Swimsense Swimming Performance Monitor Measures Laps with Apps

Swimsense from Finis is a new performance monitoring device that is designed to wear on your wrist while swimming, so that you can keep on top of all of your stats in the water. Using a built-in accelerometer and magnetometer, Swimsense is able to automatically record the number of laps, total distance, calories burned, lap time, pace and stroke count. It can also recognize all different types of swimming styles – including freestyle and breaststrokes. You can review your stats right on the watch, or you can connect the Swimsense to your computer where you can really delve into analyzing your performance stats. On the FINIS website you can also set goals and create workout plans on the Swimsense Online Training Log and sync the Swimsense Performance Monitor with the log to see your training progress. A device like this is a dream come true for competitive swimmers, and will also be especially useful for coaches who can use Swimsense’s collected data to monitor their team member’s performances -even if they aren’t actually physically near their team during laps.

What also makes the SwimSense especially unique is the fact that it’s the first performance monitor device for swimmers that can be upgraded and extended via apps. The developers of the Swimsence plan to extend the functionality of the Swimsense via future software updates. They already have app ideas floating around in their heads, including some social game apps that can extend Swimsense’s usefulness.

But what if you’re not a competitive swimmer? Anyone who is even a semi-serious swimmer will appreciate using the Swimsense because when they’re done with their laps, they’ll be able to actually see how much laps they have swum, as well as distance, so that they can show off about it later without having to guesstimate. Swimsense will retail for $199 and goes on sale next week at Finisinc. Eventually it will be available at many retail stores too, including online at Amazon.

– Get in the Water and Go
Automatically capture all swim performance as soon as you hit the start button; view current swim information and review up to 14 total workouts on the Swimsense Performance Monitor
– Automatic Stroke Type Recognition

Swimsense automatically differentiates between backstroke, breastroke, butterfly and freestyle
– Free Swimsense Online Viewer

Upload workouts via USB connection to the Swimsense Online Viewer to review past performance
– Easy to Use Interface

Intuitive design and a high resolution interface makes reviewing your workouts easy
– Fully Updatable

Download apps and software updates instantly
– Rechargeable Battery

Recharge the battery at home or work using the docking station
– Accelerometer and Magnetometer

Motion sensing technologies automatically capture your entire swim workout from start to finish
– Custom Settings

Configure the device for unique pool sizes, meters, yards, gender and weight
– Swimsense Bridge

Free software included – upload workouts with a few clicks of your mouse


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