FlipMe Dating Cards Are Modern Day Napkins at the Bar


FlipMe dating is a new online dating site that may give Match.com or eHarmony a run for its money, that is – if you have enough nerve to hand out these new FlipMe Dating Cards to any hotties that you spot.  FlipMe dating cards are designed as an open invitation to connect with a person that interests  you, instead of lets say putting your number on a napkin – or even the more sophisticated ‘tweeting’ at them… A FlipMe card contains FlipMe’s catch phrase “I’ve said, ‘What if?’ too many times. Not this time,” along with directions on how to contact the flipper. If the person/hottie you flipped is interested, they can log on to flipmedating.com, enter the FlipperID on the FlipMe card you handed to them, then enter a CardCode that is on the card, and they’ll then be able to contact you directly and securely. If you are a recipient of the card, you can send messages to the person who ‘flipped you’ for free. However the ‘flipper’ will have to spend $24.99 for this privilege. That gives you 3 months of access and 30 FlipMe cards – so flip wisely.

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