Griffin A-Frame Tabletop Stand for iPad Review


The Griffin A-Frame Tabletop Stand for iPad is a solid aluminum stand that matches the iPad’s aesthetic almost perfectly. The stand is able to hold your iPad in both landscape and portrait views, and it even can accommodate the iPad while it’s protected inside many types of cases – including Griffin’s own flexible and hard-shell cases. The A-Frame is also designed with a non-slip rubber that helps ensure your iPad stays in place, and it also helps to ensure that your iPad doesn’t get somehow scuffed by the stand’s own aluminum body. The A-Frame Tabletop Stand also leaves room in the back of its cradle for you to connect an iPad USB cable for charging and syncing. But bedsides for holding the iPad in both landscape in portrait views, the stand is also able to rest at a lower, more wrist friendly angle for the best typing experience.

But unfortunately, while the A-Frame folds up and is pretty portable, it’s still somewhat on the heavy side. Overall, the A-Frame is a well built, sturdy, and well designed stand. It really seems like Griffin managed to cover every angle – literally with this iPad Stand. The Griffin A-Frame retails for $49.99.

The Good: Matches the iPad’s Aluminum design, can accommodate many iPad cases, supports multiple angles including a wrist-friendly angle for typing, very sturdy, can fold it up to take with you.

The Bad: A bit on the heavy side, and a little pricey too


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