Griffin Motif iPhone 4 Case Review

Griffin’s new Motif case for iPhone 4 is one of the more unique, head-turning, cases that we’ve gotten our hands on for the iPhone 4. The case is made of a soft, yet durable, translucent TPU. The smoke-colored case has a diamond pattern that displays a very neat three dimensional effect on the back of your iPhone. We’re itching to see how cool the motif is going to look with the white iPhone! The case is even resistant to scuffs and tears. Motif doesn’t hide your new iPhone 4’s sexiness like other cases, it enhances it!

The case has cutouts for the vibrate button, headphone jack, and camera/flash. There is one large cutout on the bottom for the dock connector, mic, and speaker. This is good for aftermarket chargers and docks. The volume buttons and lock buttons have button overlays. The button overlays only protrude about one millimeter, so you’ll have to get used to it when trying to adjust volume by feel. The one caveat of the case design is the lock button overlay; if you press it too hard or for too long it will get stuck and you the iPhone shutdown slider will pop up. This also takes some getting used to.

Other than that, we’ve been extremely pleased with Griffin’s Motif case for the iPhone 4. The TPU material is comfortable in our hand, it offers good gripiness, and is soft, yet durable. And even with the Motif case on, iPhone 4 is a tad bit thinner than the 3G/3GS. Bit perhaps the best part is that it’s only $20, which is a relief from the standard $30 brand name iPhone cases. You might even be able to still get the Griffin Motif case through the iPhone case program.

Good: Looks cool! Feels great, good protection, and affordable price.
Bad: Button overlays take getting used to; lock button gets stuck


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