Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Kerfuffle Cuties 3D Bags


I always knew Gwen Stefani was cool – but she just turned it up a notch for me with these utterly adorable 3D Harajuku Lovers bags. Yep you read that right!  Just slip on a pair of 3D glasses, which are included with each bag – and Gwen’s Harajuku Girls will coming flying right at you. Granted, looking at the bags without the glasses makes you a bit dizzy, but once you slip the glasses on – it certainly takes a plain old messenger bag or backpack and turns it on its ear. Strangely enough the name of the bags don’t elude to it being 3D at all and only when you pick up the bag in person do you realize – “Wait a second! This looks like a 3D image!” Their official names are Harajuku Lovers Yum Yum Backpack in Kerfuffle Cuties, Harajuku Lovers Candy Tote in Kerfuffle Cuties, and so on. Each of the 4 bags retail from $48 to $88 respectively and they will probably even fit your laptop, and certainly your iPad.

harajuku 3D 4harajuku-3D-2

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