India BlackBerry Ban Gets Pushed Off by 60 Days

It hasn’t been the greatest summer for BlackBerry when it comes to their global enterprises. First the UAE outlawed the use of BlackBerry’s in their country while citing security concerns. Then India’s government came along and said that its own security services would ban BlackBerry devices in India if they were not able to monitor the encrypted  e-mails and instant messages sent by Blackberry devices in the country. At-least for the moment, India has granted a 60 day delay on the ban while they go over some proposals from Blackberry’s maker, RIM.

One of the reasons BlackBerry’s have been such a success is because the devices are able to send secure messages over the Blackberry infrastructure which is very appealing to businesses. However, this strength is exactly is what is supposedly making India so nervous. They claim that they are afraid that the device could be potentially used by the same kind of militants that performed the 2008 attack on Mumbai to help perform a repeat attack.

Earlier this summer, when the first BlackBerry ban took place in the UAE, we were a bit miffed. But now we’re starting to feel really on edge about the whole thing, especially since India is a country whose citizens are so desperately trying to develop their technology industries. Granted, BlackBerry’s infrastructure is exceptionally secure, but who is to say that India’s security services doesn’t stop there? Will other smartphones that use Microsoft Exchange to send messages, and other encrypted services be next?

(Via BBC / image credit)

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