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Jetblue Flight Attendant Incident Spurs Pillow Fight on Lufthansa Flight


Yesterday’s incident where a Jetblue Flight Attendant cursed out a rude passenger and then slid away from the plane through the emergency exit, has been the talk of the town for the past 24 hours. We cant even say we blame the guy, it certainly sounds like the passenger who hit him in the head was obnoxious, and everyone has the right to have a bad day at work. Besides, it’s not like he endangered anyone either. Putting those thoughts aside, Lufthansa’s Flight LH687 from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt decided to take yesterday’s incident with stride by having an in-flight pillow fight between a good natured flight attendant and the folks over in economy class.
Lufthansa spokeswoman told AOL Travel news that “It’s an example of passengers enjoying themselves in economy class. And it shows we still offer pillows to our passengers in economy class.”

But seriously, check out that video – their economy class looks pretty nice. And if you get to throw pillows at other passengers – you know like the ones who stick their elbow out into your seat, then they’ve got a customer in us for life.

Update: Thanks to Samantha for pointing out that this video was actually taken back in June. Hmm, well Lufthansa still seems friendly!