Lady Gaga Loves Retro Tech – Photos from Her Visit with Polaroid at MIT

gagapolaroid2Not too long ago, Polaroid’s new creative Director, AKA – Lady Gaga, paid a visit to MIT to check out the large historic collection of Polaroid products and prototype designs from its 73-year archive that are located in the MIT museum. Polaroid’s web site now has a gallery up of photos of Lady Gaga checking these old Polaroids out for herself, and even posing for some of them. This is a must see for any little monster who knows how passionate Lady Gaga is about technology, and will appreciate that Gaga appreciates retro pieces of tech too. Meanwhile we’re still waiting with baited breath to see what her direction at Polaroid has finally developed into, it’s due time for a Lady Gaga camera to be released!


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  1. Polaroid photography is so wonderful, and so strange. Of all the casualties of digitization this is one of the ones that breaks my heart. I imagine Polaroid will morph into something digital and competive or die trying. Lady Gaga batting it out of the park as a product designer is perhaps a mad fantasy… but it is one that I like a great deal. I wish Gaga and Polaroid so much luck.

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