Retro Styled Olympus DP-10 Digital Audio Recorder Resembles a Microcassette Player of Yore

DP10The new Olympus DP-10 Digital Audio Recorder is being touted as a true successor to the original microcassette recorders of yore. It features the same simple design of the original analog recorders, but this time around it has got the benefits of a modern day digital recorder – built-in memory, better recording quality, battery life and storage capacity. The DP-10 is about the size of a deck of cards and sports a 1.78″ LCD screen, and is designed to attract users who are still using microcassette recorders and have yet to jump to digital. The DP-10 also boasts a 63 hour battery life and unto 131 hours of recording. It will retail for $34.99.


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  1. No, there is no USB connection. Olympus does this alot, they release recorders and remove basic features so that it doesn’t compete with any of their own recorders in the same price range.

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