How to Fix Photoshop CS5 Mac from Crashing

Ever since having installed Photoshop CS5 on my iMac running Snow Leopard 10.6.4, I have been super frustrated because of its constant crashes which have made the software virtually unusable. While CS5 works fine on my MacBook Pro, every time I would try and use the Type Tool on my iMac, the whole application would freeze and crash. For months, I have I scoured Adobe’s site and the internet for fixes and have end up trying just about everything – including the suggestions on Adobe’s support web site. I ran scripts, disabled OpenGL, deleted the font cache, and I also updated my graphics card’s firmware. But Photoshop CS5 was still crashing!

Well I have finally figured out how to resolve the problem – at-least on my computer. Hopefully this will help someone out there who is experiencing a similar problem.

Follow these steps:
1. Open Font Book
2. Select all of the fonts in your library by hitting command + A
3. Go to File / Validate Fonts
4. Let the Font Validation run through until the end. When this has completed, remove all of the files marked Red
5. Go back to the main window. Notice that there may be some (or many) fonts marked Yellow with an exclamation point. Click on these fonts. If they say “Multiple copies of this font are installed.” Then right click on the font and click on “Resolve Duplicates” Repeat this step for all of the fonts marked yellow.

That’s it! This should resolve Photoshop CS5’s crashes on using the Type Tool.



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  1. For some reason my font book freezes when I try to remove duplicates and remove the red fonts. Haven’t been able to figure out how to get it to stop freezing so the fonts can be removed. Any Ideas?

  2. My suggestion is remove each of them one by one, instead of chose “select all fonts”. It ” take time but it works

  3. Thanks for this article. I will work on reorganizing my fonts. But I have a more important comment:

    Adobe blames Apple– as they often do, when Adobe makes buggy software. But this bug is not from an Apple update. I am using a previous OS. Adobe is lazy with bug-fixes, and they just assume it is the upgrade to Lion, but it’s not. Adobe makes these claims before they even bother to investigate the bug, and they are wrong.

    I’m not using Lion. The bug appeared with the upgrade to CS5. The more billions that Adobe makes, the sloppier they get, and the worst their customer service gets. So Adobe, can you read this? Clue in: this is a CS5 problem, not specific to Lion. How about applying some skills critical thinking, and investigate a bug that you introduced, before blaming Apple?

    By the way, this does not cause a solid crash, though it almost locks up the OS. You can do a force quit, but you have to be very patient and wait a long time for each process, because the OS is running super-slow, tied up by the Adobe bug. After you successfully force quit Photoshop, the Mac OS resumes running fine, without doing a reboot.

  4. I skipped a word, should be “skills in critical thinking”, but looks like I can’t edit my post.

  5. Funny thing, though. I managed to get rid of all the Red marked fonts, but cannot proceed with all them Yellow Exclamation Marks. They just don’t respond to left nor to right click… FontBook crashing?

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