Samsung PL90 Digicam with Built-in USB Connector, is Such an Obvious Idea That it Hurts


The new Samsung PL90 digital camera has a design that is so obviously smart, it hurts that no one thought of it earlier. Like the Flip and the Flip’s competitors, it has a dedicated built-in USB connector. Yet for some reason most digital cameras don’t have that built into their design, even though so many pocket digital camcorders do. The Samsung PL90 also features a 12.2 MP sensor, 4.4 optical zoom, a 2.7″ LCD display, the ability to record 640 x 480 video at 30fps (feh!) and a smart album function that lets users quickly locate pictures without trawling through every individual photograph by automatically managing content on the camera by searching for images based on the date, time or even color. The Samsung PL90 will be available in September for $149.99.


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