10-inch GIT ICAN iPad Wannabe Runs Android

So what if we’ve never heard of the company “GIT ICAN”, and so what if they seem to have totally ripped off the iPad’s design. It certainly isn’t the first iPad Clone to come our way, nor will it be the last. We’re just excited to see a 10″ Android Tablet on its way. Too many of the so called “iPad competitors” are just 7 inches, and for anything to be a serious iPad competitor we demand it to have a 10″ display. For $499, the GIT ICAN 10.1″ Touch Screen Tablet PC 80001 is running Android OS 2.1, has a 1GHZ processor, 16GB of ram, a 1.3 megapixel camera, a SD slot, along with WiFi and 3G. A 7″ version will also be available for $399. Now we’re not sure what kind of quality this device will provide but being that J&R has it listed as coming soon, and J&R is a big retailer that generally doesn’t sell junk, we’re hoping that it will be at-least half decent.


  1. it’s resistive. just played with one at Fry’s. It’s cheap, plasticky, resistive, almost entirely in Chinese, and HUGELY overpriced.

  2. Just bought the git ican 10″ for $399.00 at jr. Have to say it blows the ipad away. Screen size is better and it has usb data and card slot inputs unlike the ipad which has zero. To me the ipad is a 9″ iphone. The ican is a 10″ cpu that isnt dependent only on itunes…. Highly recommended

  3. I am sorry dude… but i also have Droid and Droid X trust me Droid X is far much much better than this piece of junk i spent $399 on.. trust me speed sucks touch screen sucks… and very slow, my cell is much much faster,,,,

  4. Question for many is does it run adobe flash sites that we can’t go to or use on ipad/ipod/iphone
    that is a huge one for me so much out there that I need daily access to and can not get useing Safari and no adobe.

  5. i actually own both ipad and the ican10. I am trying to send the ican back for a refund because of how useless it is. While in a wifi area that has full signal (according to the ican) it randomly drops the connection. It randomly freezes while doing no more than internet surfing and restarts itself. It is slow as hell. All in all the extra $100 for the first gen ipad was more than worth the performance increase over ican. Now that the ipad is cheaper than or at least the same price, Im actually buying the ipad 2 instead of keeping the crappy ican.
    BTW, Ican told me they would send me a refund if I wanted. I agreed, and havent heard from them in 2 weeks, so I have had no luck actually making that happen. There is no phone number anywhere for this place, If anybody finds one please post it.

  6. I bought an ICan and it was the worst purchase I have spent 499.00 on. There is no support and the tablet does not do most of the things it says it will do. There is no follow up, just a lot of promises. Go to the forum and read what is there for your self. Don’t waist your money on this one. icandoit

  7. And you probably won’t no on else does either. They have taken so much flack that they don’t even post on their own forum any more. They do not follow up on anything, they were suppose to send me a new tablet because the update that came to our tablets bricked most of the tablets, some were able to get theirs back in working order but others were not. They just don’t care and they certainly didn’t send me a new tablet.

  8. Support for the ICAN is very poor to non existent   
    Spend your money on another tablet.

  9. It is great. Capacitive screen! More Usb slots and SD slot.  Only bad thing is the sound level  is just too low without headphone.

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