10-inch GIT ICAN iPad Wannabe Runs Android


So what if we’ve never heard of the company “GIT ICAN”, and so what if they seem to have totally ripped off the iPad’s design. It certainly isn’t the first iPad Clone to come our way, nor will it be the last. We’re just excited to see a 10″ Android Tablet on its way. Too many of the so called “iPad competitors” are just 7 inches, and for anything to be a serious iPad competitor we demand it to have a 10″ display. For $499, the GIT ICAN 10.1″ Touch Screen Tablet PC 80001 is running Android OS 2.1, has a 1GHZ processor, 16GB of ram, a 1.3 megapixel camera, a SD slot, along with WiFi and 3G. A 7″ version will also be available for $399. Now we’re not sure what kind of quality this device will provide but being that J&R has it listed as coming soon, and J&R is a big retailer that generally doesn’t sell junk, we’re hoping that it will be at-least half decent.