ABC’s My Generation iPad App Will Sync With Your TV

I’m going to give ABC props – they really have taken the initiative when it comes to the iPad. Not only were they one of the first to launch an app for the iPad that streams full TV episodes, but now they are taking it a step further with the iPad App called My Generation Sync which coincides with the debut of their new My Generation Show on ABC. If you have the app loaded and are watching the show at the same time, just press the sync button and ABC will push exclusive content to you while you watch. This will allow you to participate in real time with the show, take polls, quizzes, and get behind the scenes extras. You can also use the app to catch up on back episodes too.However I do find it a bit of an oxymoron that ABC is trying to show off a demo of the My Generation Sync App using flash, when the iPad is famous for not supporting Flash.

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