Rovio’s Angry Birds Beta for Android Hits 1 Million Downloads

Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds mobile game announced today that their Android Beta program recently hit 1 million downloads, making it what they claim is the biggest mobile beta test ever, with over 100,000 downloads per day on the Android platform. Representative Peter Vesterbacka explained that the full Android version of Angry Birds will be available “in the near future,” and that the company hopes to meet a goal of 100 million downloads across multiple platforms like Apple including tablets like the iPad, Nokia, Android, Palm, PC, Mac, and soon to be Nintendo DS, Playstation, Wii, Xbox, and PSP.

New features for the game like the “Mighty Eagle,” launched at the Nokia World summit allow users to purchase a “silver bullet” to bypass a harder level and continue along with the game. The Mighty Eagle feature is rolling out for Apple and Symbian should be available in October.

Rovio started small. A gaming company that began with three university students in Helsinki, Finland, it has captured the number one download spot in multiple country markets thanks to its Angry Birds game. The mobile game is based on the idea of angry birds that attempt to thwart evil pigs by catapulting themselves into the evil pig’s castles to destroy them… obviously.

The game that launched in the Apple market is now available on platforms ranging from Symbian, Palm, and Nokia and has been recognized as one of the top games in multiple markets ranging from Finland and Sweden and topping off in the U.S. and U.K. where the game went straight to number 1 with over 7 million downloads on iPhone. And it’s not an accident. The Angry Birds game was launched after intense market research of the Apple Market. Vesterbacka described the company’s strategy when creating the iPhone game: “if you can make it in the Apple market, you can make it anywhere.” And that’s what they did; they created a multi generational game that would appeal to parents, kids, celebrities like Conan O’Brien, and even the British Prime Minister on first the Apple market. And it’s fun.

Launched in 2004, the strategy behind the game was to create an entertainment franchise in the style of Sanrio’s Hello Kitty or Nickelodeon’s Sponge Bob Squarepants. Their marketing strategy revolved around a marketing concept where every tweet, every Facebook comment, and every user with an Angry Birds opinion receives a response. Clearly Rovio is a company that values crowd sourcing and perhaps this could mean that Angry Birds fans will have some say in future developments for the storyline of the game. The simple concept of the game lends itself well to an expanded entertainment franchise like that could be picked up by the likes of EA and Hollywood and an expanded story line that may focus on other characters within the game, for example, a story from the perspective of the evil pigs, perhaps.


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  1. Based on the gamers which already tried and purchased the game said that it was really great and entertaining. I think I’m going to download it and will check it out on my EVO.

  2. Based on the gamers which already tried and purchased the game said that it was really great and entertaining. I think I’m going to download it and will check it out on my EVO.

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