Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan Review

When is the right time to use a fan? Some reserve fans for hot days with a mix of air conditioning. Others use it all year long, and some even use a fan to get rid of nasty smells in their home or office. Here is a new one – how about getting one just to add a modern design element to your house? The Dyson AM03 Pedestal fan with Air Multiplier technology does all the aforementioned and more, albeit with a high price tag, but isn’t there always a price to pay for style and for keeping cool.

On Saturday it was a little over 80 degrees in New York City and yet the desire to turn on an air conditioner didn’t seem psychologically quite right, being it was also the first official day of Fall. So when in doubt – turn on a fan, but not just any fan, the Dyson AM03 fan of course. When the original, more compact version of the Dyson Air Multiplier, was released last year – it was certainly the first of its kind, a fan without blades!! It was and still is a true feat of engineering. The technology behind the latest Dyson Air Multiplier fan is pretty much the same as its original, it sucks in the air in the room, through the base of the fan – where the engine resides and shoots it out through the round rim of the fan (loop amplifier). All in all, the fan is able to draw in surrounding air, multiplying it a total of 18 times.

Once again Dyson is all about the details and even though we are impressed with the Air Multiplier – we are just as impressed by how this “fan” has been prepared for mass consumption. I remember when my dad would bring home a new fan from Woolworth’s and its parts were thrown into the box with just clear plastic bags holding what seemed like 20 or more pieces as my mother shouted at him to hurry it up because “she was dying from the the heat!” In the AM03 box, there isn’t 20 pieces – instead there is just a total of 5 pieces, including the remote that is tucked inside the box, all waiting to be lovingly taken into your arms and assembled.

The assembly of the AM03 is easy, but at first I was bit nervous that I would break something if I turned a part to quick or pressed to hard. But everything slid into place with a subtle click or push. I was done setting it up in just under 10 minutes – and that was the first time I set it up. No elbow grease needed. Once you’re done, just plug the fan into the wall and press the power button and you are good to go. You can also adjust the multiplier by turning the jog on the base. If you want the fan to move from side to side and circulate more air, just press the button to circulate the air. The fan will operate just fine from the base controls, or if you are lazy – perhaps you’re lying in bed and need a little cooling off – the AM03 also comes with a Apple’sque remote that works at just about any angle and up-to a few feet away from the Air Multiplier. The remote can also be used to control the fan’s speeds from afar.

The Dyson AMO3 Air Multiplier’s body is very agile and can extend up or down, or tilt forwards or backwards. So pretty much anywhere you sit – it can cool you off directly. It is also pretty light on its feet and can easily move from one location to another. On top of that, it looks pretty snazzy in a room. It will also stay balanced, even if you put it on an uneven floor – unlike those annoying traditional wobbly pedestal fans.

The Dyson AM03 certainly cooled off my bedroom and was even more delicious when used with an air conditioner – helping to spread cool air further, if you have an air conditioner with a lower BTU. The one gripe I did have was that although the AM03 is pet friendly because of its bladeless design – it’s not pet hair friendly or human hair friendly. After leaving it on steady for a few days, hair was slowly starting to collect around the base. So for those who are clean freaks you will want to keep that part of the fan clean of hair.  Another thing is that it does tend to get a bit noisier when you turn the multiplier higher for faster airflow. But this wasn’t a deal breaker nor very intrusive.

So for $449.99 is the Dyson Pedestal Air Multiplier worth the price? I would say yes – IF you have the money or are a die-hard Dyson fan. It’s beautiful to look at, easy to setup, safe for kids and animals, and adds a wow factor to your decor – even if you live in a studio apartment. The Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan is also adjustable with a slight touch and there is no need to stick cardboard under the legs to balance it on uneven floors. It’s also really easy to clean since it doesn’t have any blades or grills. But best of all there is no temptation for you to stick your fingers into any blades – because there aren’t any. That said, the price tag makes it basically a luxury product, which means that it’s not for everyone.

The Good: Excellent design aesthetic. Safe for kids and pets. Simple and quick to set up and moves around with ease. Cools you off in a few minutes – even if it’s with circulated air.

The Bad: The price gives a bit of sticker shock. Tends to collect hair while sucking in air. 


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