Michael Jackson The Experience Video Game Unveils New Tracks and Trailer

Well we knew it was coming and now Ubisoft has unleashed the official trailer to the Michael Jackson The Experience game.  They have also announced some of the songs that will be on this ‘dance’ game. Honestly the commercial doesn’t say much of anything, it just has people dancing around with a Wii Remote. However we do know that the game will available on all consoles when it’s released.

So far the track lineup is as follows:

•    Bad
•    Beat It
•    Billie Jean
•    Black or White
•    Earth Song
•    Smooth Criminal
•    The Girl Is Mine
•    They Don’t Care About Us
•    Who Is It
•    Workin’ Day And Night
•    Black or White
•    They Don’t Care About Us
•    Smooth Criminal

We’re also sure that there will be many more goodies leaking out before it releases on November 23rd.

[Via MichaelJackson.Com]

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