Origin Big O a PC has an Xbox 360 Slim Inside of It!

I’m drooling – in fact the drips are trickling out of my mouth to the floor as I type this. The perfect hybrid of PC and Xbox 360 has finally arrived –  The Big O. The Big O fuses together the best  and fastest computing hardware along with a built in Xbox 360 to create the ultimate gaming experience. So finally the Xbox and the PC can live peacefully together in harmony!  Some specs include liquid cooling – cause this baby is going to burn burn burn, Intel’s Xeon X5680 with the ability to add up to 24GBs of Corsair GT 2000MHz memory, EVGA’s GeForce GTX 480 FTW graphics cards, and an XBox 360 Slim.  Pricing for The Big O starts from $7,669.


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  1. This is such a waste of money and to much outdated hardware we have i5 and i7 ivy bridge cpu’s now that are faster then this and more power effecient also the new 600 series nvidia card like the gtx 690 the worlds fasted gpu ever created there only $1000 so why not just get 2 gtx 690’s which basicly is quad SLI and it will demolish this over priced gaming rig…as for the xbox..the 720 is coming out soon and whats point of all thisoutdated hardware you can get a gtx 480 for under $250 this is a ripp off..if dont believe me check out 690 benchmarks and newegg for all the hardware prices…..pwned!

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