PENTAX Optio RS1000 Lets You Customize its Exterior 4 Different Ways

The new PENTAX Optio RS1000 either has a multiple personality disorder or it is looking to top Lady Gaga for the most costume changes for a camera.  This cosmetically customizable digital camera features a removable faceplate to hold interchangeable skins of any personal design.  You can skin your new Optio to match your outfit, cell phone case, or laptop case. There are four ways to get started personalizing the PENTAX Optio RS1000:1. Immediately dress the camera in a choice of 11 (three plus eight) standard skins that ship with the camera.
2. You can use the included SKINIT gift card to design and order a free vinyl skin.
3. Use an included stencil to trace cutout lines onto printed photos, wrapping papers, drawings, and more to use as a skin.
4. Download the PENTAX PERSONAL SKIN DESIGNER Adobe Air-based software to import a photo or digital image, saving a skin as a PDF for printing on a color printer.

Besides dressing up your camera, the Optio RS1000 features 14 megapixels, a large three inch LCD monitor, 4X optical zoom lens covering 27.5mm wide angle, and it is encased in a body about the size of a credit-card. This latest PENTAX Optio will ship in October and will retail for $149.95.

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