Pilot Pulls a Howard Hughes, Crashes into Roof in Portland

Reminiscent of when Howard Hughes crash landed his plane into a Beverly Hills neighborhood many years ago, Yesterday a a 70-year man learning how to fly crashed his plane into a home near the Aurora airport, south of Portland. After the crash, the home looked like it grew a tail as the entire body of the plane was inside of the house. The 1956 Aeronca Champion 7-AE crashed into the roof and caused a small post-impact fire, but was quickly extinguished. The pilot, climbed out the plane hurt but came out with no life threatening injuries.However the true miracle is that the woman who owns the house was not killed at the time of impact. Sally Jones, the homeowner of said house came outside just before the crash. “I had just checked on my little dog, she was OK, sleeping on the couch on the side of the house,” Jones said, “I went out my door and closed it and then I was on the ground … bang!”

“It blew me off the porch and on the ground,” she said.

[Via NWCN]


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