Tohokukankyo Samu Eco-Friendly Composter Eats Your Trash Like Rawhide

Till now the Tohokukankyo Eco-Friendly Composter: Samu was only available in Japan. But alas it has landed on our shores and it retails for a whopping $1299.99! Samu is a robotic trash can that converts garbage into compost and water. However this trash can is designed to resemble a dog that reacts to the garbage you feed it. Samu’s eyes and nose light up while in operation – which would probably scare the living day light of a small child. Garbage will be decomposed into water and carbon dioxide with the power of biotechnology, all this in an adorable capacity. It seems only one color has made it to our shores but if you live in Japan – Samu comes in a variey of colors. WOOF.


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