Unboxing the T-Mobile G2 with First Impressions

The T-mobile G2 just landed on our door step. We were fortunate enough to snag one so quickly – right now only current T-mobile customers can order the G-2 as a handset upgrade.

Our first impressions of the T-mobile G2 after unboxing it is that it’s a sophisticated and well made device. The keyboard is comfy, the screen bright and vivid, and overall the build quality seems very solid. The box that the G2 comes in is very compact and minimalist, not unlike the iPhone’s packaging.

Inside you get the bare minimum of accessories -a micro USB cable, stereo headset, and a compact wall charger that works connects to the micro USB cable. No case or soft cloth is included.

Update 10/01/2010: Check out our T-Mobile G2 Review

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  • Gator1997

    From the most picky, hardest to impress phone consumer, I have been using this phone for 3 days and love it. Great job Tmo!

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