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USB Desktop Aquarium Holds Real Fish Along with Your iPhone


The USB Desktop Aquarium has it all and real fish to boot! Yes, folks, this is one USB gadget that pushes USB boundaries to the limits. The USB desktop Aquarium features a LCD calendar with time/date & week info /temperature, plus an alarm clock with snooze feature and countdown timer, a penholder, nature sounds, overhead light, gravel filtration, and multicolor interior lights. This is all powered by a single USB connection on your computer. The tank will also hold 1.5 quarts of water and two small fresh water gold fish – which are not included. So don’t be thinking you can put some Japanese Koi fish in here. Fascinations will be debuting the USB Desktop Aquarium in mid-October and if you like to buy in bulk the wholesale price will be around $20 bucks. However the retail price is going to be double that around $39.99-$40.00. Just don’t forget to feed your fish!