USB Desktop Aquarium Holds Real Fish Along with Your iPhone

The USB Desktop Aquarium has it all and real fish to boot! Yes, folks, this is one USB gadget that pushes USB boundaries to the limits. The USB desktop Aquarium features a LCD calendar with time/date & week info /temperature, plus an alarm clock with snooze feature and countdown timer, a penholder, nature sounds, overhead light, gravel filtration, and multicolor interior lights. This is all powered by a single USB connection on your computer. The tank will also hold 1.5 quarts of water and two small fresh water gold fish – which are not included. So don’t be thinking you can put some Japanese Koi fish in here. Fascinations will be debuting the USB Desktop Aquarium in mid-October and if you like to buy in bulk the wholesale price will be around $20 bucks. However the retail price is going to be double that around $39.99-$40.00. Just don’t forget to feed your fish!


  1. Not entirely true. My PC’s power supply keeps power running on a couple of USB ports when turned off. Very convenient for charging small devices.

  2. I agree. Goldfish are also one of the messiest type of aquarium fish too requiring frequent water changes and they grow too large over time. There are many smaller breeds of fish that would be fine in a tank this size.

  3. Notice that the fish are obviously PhotoShopped in, so I don’t think the tank is really that small relative to the fish. That being said, I still would not recommend using gold fish but there are many, smaller alternative fish that can live and thrive in such an environment.

  4. I don’t claim to be an expert, so correct me if I’m wrong. But there are many small fish that can live without the lights, recirculated water and filtration features included with this USB Aquarium product. A fishbowl for example has none of these features. So I think you’re ok as long as you buy small fish that can survive inside a small fish bowl. I don’t think gold fish are the best for this tank, but there are many other smaller and prettier fish that could be used in this tank. Really I think this is a cool product. It sure beats many of the other USB gadgets I’ve seen.

  5. In many civilized environments, fish bowls are considered to be cruel and inhumane housing. Sure, some kinds of fish could survive in there, but that’s just like keeping a human in a concrete box of 6 x 6 x 6 feet without light or heating. He would survive for a while, but it’s not exactly nice..

  6. I think they need to work on the picture for the item as I keep fish myself and have this size tank is not suitable for any fish I can think of the tank would be fine for a couple of shrimp however

  7. Jason. Yes, you are right. Some fish can survive in this water glass sized fuckin torture tool. But you are missing an important point. Do not forget, you can survive in a dark cell throughout your life as well.

  8. D?wig HDS u?ycza si? ponadto przy podnoszeniu po remontach.
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    HDS, mo?emy ob?era ?piesznie rozlokowa?
    na samochodzie tak?e wywie?? do siedliska koncentrowania.

    W schy?ku HDS ?ód? istnieje znacz?cy nast?pnie, gdy stare zarys utworzy?
    wykopaliska gruntowe o
    wzgl?dnie ubogim konturze. Nast?pnie HDS musi dotrwa? dopasa?ony
    w metaliczn? kopystk? i
    ?wiat?ego kamerzyst?, który b?dzie w?ada? taki zwolnij wykona?

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