The Woogie Turns Your iPhone 4 and iPod Touch into a Plush Doll for Kids

Griffin  announced today a partnership with ScrollMotion, makers of the Iceberg Reader, and a leading developer of original applications for iPhone. The result of the partnership, called Griffin + Iceberg Kids, is Woogie.  Woogie is part stuffed animal with six legs and part protective case for iPhone and iPod touch, Woogie is designed to go wherever your kids are, be that at home, in the car, or anywhere else a stuffed animal can go. Woogie features two built-in speakers to play with Iceberg Kids eBooks, music, videos, and more. The Woogie is available now for $19.99 and will work with all generations of the iPod Touch and iPhone. It also comes with it’s own app for even more interactive. I may just get his for myself.


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