50’s Style TEAC SL-D920 Stereo System Sports Some New Tricks

For gadget enthusiasts, there could be nothing better than bringing the aesthetics of an old technology and merging it with new tech. That is exactly what TEAC did with their 50’s Style TEAC SL-D920 USB Sound System. The system has actually been modeled after the Chevrolet Bel Air from the 1950’s. Inside you get a CD player, which is ancient in its own right, but this is actually also a CD burner that will let you record music on the radio. The system also sports a front USB port and an AUX port for connecting USB flash drives and MP3 players for playback on the system. Inside the system, the speakers are moderately powerful – each one has a 5 watt output, and there is also a built-in subwoofer. The TEAC SL-D920 CD, USB Sound System retails for $399 and comes in red, white or black. Now all you are missing is a waiter in roller skates and thick milk shake.

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