Dead Rising 2 Xbox 360 Review

Dead Rising 2 is the zombie bashing sequel to Dead Rising. This time around you play Chuck Greene, who is a motocross rider in a town called Casino Fortune City. Chuck has been framed for the zombie outbreak in Fortune City. As you make your way through the game killing zombies you must track down clues to uncover the truth about what has happened in order to clear your name and escape from the city. In between doing all that, Chuck also needs to protect his daughter by giving her a dose of Zombrex every 24 hrs. Why you ask? Because she was bitten by a Zombie obviously. Zombrex is the drug that stops the infected from becoming zombies. It is high in demand, expensive, and hard to find. So just another day in a life for this single parent.

Gameplay is rather simple. You can earn Prestige Points (PP) by killing zombies, saving survivors and defeating psychopaths. Earning PP lets you level up, leveling up lets you gain new skills, attributes, and even combo cards. When you earn a combo card, you can combine weapons. For instance you can combine a nail and a bat to become a nailed bat. When you combine weapons they have more power then a stand-alone weapon and these weapon combos make it easier to kill zombies. Some of the weapon combinations also add to the hilarity and blood-fest.

Nothing much has changed in regards to the graphics – they are pretty much the same as the first Dead Rising. Blood is displayed when you attack a zombie and if a zombie starts munching down on you, there is a great close up of it while you try to break out of the attack. Your clothes also get blood-soaked as you make your way hacking and slashing, yet during cut-scenes it seems you must have done the laundry because there is no blood on your character. Controls for Chuck also seemed the same as in the previous Dead Rising – running, jumping, and attacking are a breeze to control. However I did find the camera controls to be an issue. When you find yourself surrounded by Zombies, good camera angles would be ideal in this situation to try and get out of it – however trying to perfect your view while attacking is a challenge. The camera angles are generally good except for when you are running or attacking a zombie. Trying to see what is to the left or right of you can be difficult and it is very easy to end up with big blind spots around you.

For the skilled gamer or even the beginner – Dead Rising 2 can be completed in a few hours. However if you really want to be thorough and beat different challenges and achievements, then tack on a few more hours. You can also get side tracked from your mission by just going on a zombie killing spree.  However there is a clock ticking in the background that tells you how much time you have left to complete a task – so try not to get sidetracked to often.

Overall, Dead Rising is the perfect anecdote for a stressful day – just kick back with a cold one and start hacking away – those Zombies won’t know what hit them and wished they just stayed dead and away from your chainsaw. Dead Rising 2 retails for $54.99 and is available for Xbox 360, PS3 and for $39.99 for Windows PC.

The Good: Great stress reliever, fun gameplay with healthy amounts of humor and blood

The Bad: Camera angles during zombie attacks and running can be frustrating, skilled gamers will be finished with the game within just a few hours

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